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Marine Zone Changes

To better align with the new National Hurricane Center forecast break point defined as the Okaloosa and Walton county line, Weather Forecast Offices Mobile and Tallahassee are changing their marine zones to match this break point. These changes will be implemented on December 5, 2017.

The change for the coastal waters marine zones (GMZ655, GMZ675, GMZ750 and GMZ770) will be to move the adjacent bordering line of these zones eastward, with the new line to extend south from the Okaloosa and Walton county line. These marine zones will retain their current GMZ identifiers. 

The change for the coastal waters marine zones (GMZ750 and GMZ770) will be to split each of the two zones from the Bay and Gulf county line out west of Cape San Blas. This will create two new zones, GMZ752 and GMZ772. 

Figure 1. Changes showing border of GMZ655/ GMZ750 and GMZ675/ GMZ770 moved from Destin to the Okaloosa/ Walton county line. Also, shows split of GMZ750 and GMZ770. 


Figure 2. Proposed new marine zones with GMZ identifications. 


These changes will allow the Tallahassee Weather Forecast Office to provide more specific and improved forecasts for the coastal waters, especially in tropical operations. In addition, when the Storm Prediction Center issues severe thunderstorms and tornado watches, the new zones will allow better alignment with inland counties.

If you have any questions you may contact

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