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Enhanced Risk for Severe Thunderstorms Across the Upper Midwest; Flash Flooding Possible from the Upper Midwest to Southern Plains and Desert Southwest Through Friday

Portions of the Upper Midwest will see an increased threat for severe thunderstorms through this evening, with a few strong tornadoes possible. The same region remains on alert for additional flash flood concerns. Heavy rainfall may lead to flash flooding across the Desert Southwest today, and Southern Plains by Friday. Finally, Major-to-record river flooding continues across the Carolinas. Read More >

Weather History - February 20th

Local and Regional Events:

February 20, 1962:

Another round of heavy snow fell across the southeastern half of the state from the 20th through the 22nd with up to 10 inches of new snowfall. Snowfall amounts included, 5 inches at Bryant, 6 inches at Kennebec, 7 inches at Redfield, Brookings, Mitchell, and Sioux Falls, 8 inches at Miller, and 10 inches at Huron. Snowfall amounts for the record-setting month of February 1962 ranged from 30 to 50 inches across much of the southeast part of the state.


February 20, 1997:

Warm weather resulted in snowmelt runoff and ice breakup on the Bad River. As a result, the Bad River went above flood stage from Capa to Fort Pierre late in the evening of the 20th. Flood stage at Fort Pierre is 21 feet, and the river rose to around 25 feet on the 21st. The Bad River went below flood stage during the afternoon of the 22nd. Lowlands near the river were flooded along with some county roads with some of the roads damaged. Late in the evening of the 20th, the trailer court on the southern edge of Fort Pierre was evacuated where they did some sandbagging. Also, on the west side of Fort Pierre, some roads were flooded.


February 20, 2011:

The snowfall/blizzard event on 20-21 February 2011 produced yet another round of impressive snowfall totals across central and northeastern South Dakota and west-central Minnesota.  Storm total snowfall amounts ranged from 8" to 12" with locally higher amounts of more than 18" reported in a few locations. Click HERE for more information.

U.S.A and Global Events for February 20th:

1912: An F3 tornado killed nine people and injured 50 others as it crossed Centenary College in Shreveport, Louisiana. Centenary College would be hit again in 1940.


1995: The temperature at the Civic Center in Los Angeles, California soared to 95 degrees. This temperature is the highest ever recorded at the location during the month of February.


2004: A nor'easter brought heavy snow and strong winds to the Nova Scotia and Prince Edwards Island from the 17th through 20th. The Maritimers called this storm White Juan, a hurricane disguised as a blizzard. Halifax, Yarmouth, and Charlottetown broke all-time 24-hour snowfall records, receiving about 3 feet of snow. For Halifax, the 34.8 inches of snow on February 19 nearly doubled its previous record for a single day.

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