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Local and Regional Events:

September 13, 1928:

An estimated F4 tornado traveled across Yankton and Turner County. An entire farm was swept away just as the family was about to enter the storm cellar. A man and his daughter were killed. A woman was killed in the town of Davis, in Turner County. Nine homes were destroyed, 52 were damaged, and 13 people were injured in Davis.


Sep 13, 1928 Davis Tornado Damage SD

This image appeared in the South Dakota Magazine. Click HERE for more information on this event.


U.S.A and Global Events for September 13th:


1823: A strong category 1 or low category 2 hurricane struck near New Orleans, Louisiana and went toward Baton Rouge. Its strongest impacts occurred west of New Orleans. Click HERE for a tweet from Cary Mock, Professor at the University of South Carolina.


1944: The destroyer USS Warrington was sunk by the Great Atlantic Hurricane 300 miles east of Cape Canaveral, Florida. 247 men were lost in the tragedy.  


1978: Little Rock, Arkansas saw 8.10 inches of rain which caused major flash flooding. Ten people were killed. Click HERE for a tweet by the NWS Office in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Sep 13, 1978 Flooding rain in Little Rock  


1988: Hurricane Gilbert smashed into the Cayman Islands, and as it headed for the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico strengthened into a monster hurricane, packing winds of 175 mph. The barometric pressure at the center of Gilbert reached 888 mb, a record for any hurricane in the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, or the Atlantic Ocean until Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Gilbert covered much of the Gulf of Mexico, producing rain as far away as the Florida Keys.

Sep 13 Hurricane Gilbert Satellite 2

Sep 13 Hurricane Gilbert Satellite 3


2008: Hurricane Ike made landfall as a Category 2 storm near Galveston, Texas. Click HERE for more information from the NWS Office in Houston, Texas.


2017: The NWS Office in Reno, Nevada, issued their first tornado warning since July 21st, 2014. Click HERE for a tweet by the NWS Office in Reno. A funnel cloud was spotted over Lake Tahoe.

Sep 13, 2017 Lake Tahoe Funnel Cloud

Click HERE for the above tweet.  


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