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Upcoming Webinars:


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Wednesday, July 15 (7 PM)    Tropical Weather 101                               Register Here 

                                                                             Learn the basics of tropical storms and hurricanes, including characteristics and hazards of New England Hurricanes

(All webinars will be recorded and posted on the NWS Boston YouTube page)


Topics for Future Webinars (Dates To Be Determined):

- Weather 202 (More in-depth meteorology concepts but not too technical)

- Severe Weather 202 (Forecasting severe weather. More in-depth but not too technical)

- Radar Interpretation 101 (Learn basic concepts of interpreting radar data) 

- Southern New England Tornadoes

- Climate 101 (Learn basic concepts about the climatology of southern New England)

- Winter Weather 101 (Learn basic concepts about winter storms and different precipitation types)

- Memorable Southern New England Storms

- Navigating Our Website (How to find what you need)

- NWS Hazard Simplification