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            Thu Jan 20                                             Thundersnow                                

Join us as we show you the processes that lead to thundersnow in winter storms. It's much different from the way that thunderstorms form in the summer! We'll reinforce the concepts by showing a few cases here in southern New England where thundersnow was reported during winter storms. Note that this presentation builds upon the material presented in our "Winter Weather 101" and "Winter Weather 202" presentations, so you may wish to view these on our YouTube Channel prior to this webinar.


           Tue Jan 25                        Review of the January 7, 2022 Winter Storm                    Register Here 

Join us as we take a closer look at the first major snowstorm of the winter. We'll review the model guidance and forecast challenges leading up to the storm, show how the storm evolved by looking at analysis maps, and explain why the "jackpot" of 10-15 inches of snow fell from eastern Connecticut into Rhode Island and eastern Massachusetts.  


            Thu Feb 3                                             Weather Models 101                     

Join us as we talk all about weather models! We'll give you a brief history on how computers were first used to forecast the weather in the 1940s and the process evolved over the years. We'll also talk about many of the weather models used today and show you what lies ahead in the modeling world over the next several years. 


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Topics for Future Webinars (Check Back for Dates):

Lake Effect and Ocean Effect Snow: Learn how localized bands of snow form off the Great Lakes & Atlantic Ocean

Extratropical Transition: How do hurricanes and tropical storms become "nor'easters?"

Meet the NWS Boston Staff: Learn more about us! (Scheduled periodically)

Event Reviews:  Reviews of recent significant weather events (Scheduled periodically)


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