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How to Report Severe Weather to the NWS Office in Columbia


To report severe weather you can post pictures and messages on our Facebook Page, send us a X report, send us an email at, or use the Storm Report Interface to relay information to our office.

The National Weather Service issues warnings for many types of severe weather. Our equipment and tools help us anticipate and warn for situations that threaten life and/or property. However, the only way we know a severe event occurred is by human or "ground truth" reports. These reports not only tell us what happened, but could help us anticipate future events. Please contact us via Facebook, X, or send us an email if you observe any of the following:

  • Tornado
  • Hail of any size - report the size of the largest hailstone
  • Wind Damage (structural damage or trees/power lines down)
  • Stream flooding, street flooding, or streams approaching bankfull
  • Snowfall
  • Ice damage (broken tree limbs or slick roads)


Local Storm Reports Summary

This page allows the user to search storm reports. Storm reports are preliminary, and have not been verified for accuracy unless otherwise noted. If you are interested in becoming an official spotter for the NWS, contact your local NWS office.

You can also view Storm Reports off of the Storm Prediction Center's website.