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Critical Fire Weather Threats in California; Persistent Heavy Rain in Texas

Strong offshore Santa Ana winds will continue to produce critical fire weather threats in southern California. Gusty winds will continue for portions of northern California where elevated-to-critical fire weather threats can be expected. Meanwhile, heavy rain keeps falling in Texas with potential for excessive rains and flash flooding continuing. Read More >

Monday was a record setting day for DFW. A new record low temperature of 41 degrees was set. (The previous record was 42 degrees in 1922.) This is the first record low at DFW since July 2014. A new record low maximum temperature of 49 degrees was also set. (The previous record was 60 degrees in 1923.) This is the earliest in the season for a high temperature in the 40s. (The previous record was October 22, 1936.) A new daily precipitation record of 2.93" was set as well. (The previous record was 1.93" in 2007.)
Waco Regional Airport set a new record low maximum temperature on Monday with a high temperature of only 54 degrees. (The previous record was 65 degrees, set in both 1937 and 2008.) The low temperature for the day was 42 degrees, and the total rainfall was 2.16". (The record low is 40 degrees in 2010, and the record daily precipitation is 2.63" in 2013.)
Here's a summary of our NWS Damage Survey for thunderstorms that produce tornadoes and wind damage on Saturday, October 13th. There were 3 confirmed tornadoes. One EF-0 in Ellis County and two (EF-0 and EF-1) in Hill County. There was also confirmed wind damage in Limestone County. For the month of October, we have confirmed 5 tornadoes, ranking the month #12 for total number of tornadoes in October (so far). For the Fall 2018 season (September, October, and November), there have been more confirmed tornadoes (5) compared to the Spring 2018 season (March, April, and May), which totaled 3 tornadoes.
Several days of rainfall will likely lead to Flood Warnings across parts of North and Central Texas. The name may be different, but the threats to life and property are the same!

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