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 2017 Precipitation Summary and Monthly Stats For  5 "Key" Sites

Generally speaking, at least 75% of the 30-county NWS Hastings coverage area observed at least slightly ABOVE NORMAL precipitation during 2017, despite what ended up being a markedly-dry final two-and-half months from mid-October onward. Compared to 30-year normals, two of the overall-wettest official NWS stations included Osceola (6.94" above normal) and Ord airport (4.13" above). 

Of the roughly one-fourth/25% of the area that saw below normal 2017 precipitation, the majority of it was concentrated within or near the following counties: In KS: Osborne, Rooks, Smith, Jewell...In NE: Thayer, Fillmore. Within these areas, a few of the most glaring deficits included Hebron (6.85" below normal) and Natoma KS (4.23 below). 

As for the official Tri Cities airport sites at Grand Island, Hastings, and Kearney, all three reported above normal annual precipitation. However, Grand Island and Hastings were wetter (between 3.50-3.75" above normal) while Kearney received nearly 5" less total precipitation, but still managed to squeak by at 0.31" above normal for the year. 

All in all though, there really weren't any "bone dry" or "sopping wet" areas for the year as a whole, with most places ending up somewhere between 75-125% of normal/average totals.


2017 Precipitation Map and list of several official totals
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