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** PLEASE NOTE:  NWS Hastings will issue Freeze Warnings/Frost Advisories for our coverage area this fall until those counties experience at least one hard freeze (defined as 28º-or-colder). After that point, additional Warnings/Advisories are generally considered unnecessary because the growing season has effectively ended. **

It may seem hard to believe, but according to longer-term averages, the NWS Hastings coverage area of south central Nebraska and north central Kansas is WITHIN 1-3 WEEKS OF THE AVERAGE DATE OF THE FIRST FALL FROST AND/OR FREEZE! 

Of course, as outlined extensively in the data presented below, the first fall frost/freeze dates can vary tremendously from one year to the next, and just within the past 30 years, "first freezes" have ranged anywhere from mid-September to early-November. Last year in 2020, most of our coverage area had its first true fall freeze and/or hard freeze sometime between Oct. 16-26. 

Please refer to the wealth of information within the tabs below (including tables and maps of average frost/freeze/hard freeze dates) to "stay on top" of the frost/freeze situation across the local area this fall. This includes the "Looking Ahead" section just below, as it will highlight any nights within the next 7-10 days that appear to hold frost/freeze potential (if any). Finally, check out the last tab for a glance back at the RECORD-EARLIEST frost/freeze that parts of our area experienced on Sep. 3, 1974!

Looking Ahead 7-10 Days: ** Fall 2021 Potential-For-Frost/Freeze Forecast ** (valid through Sep. 28 ):

  • There is MINIMAL CONCERN for frost and especially freezing temperatures within the vast majority of our coverage area through at least Sep. 28.
  • ** That being said **: late Tues night-Wed morning (Sep. 22) will be the chilliest night of the season so far, with most of our coverage area forecast to drop into the lower 40s. It's certainly possible that especially far northern/west-central portions of our area (such as Valley/Greeley/western Dawson counties) could briefly tumble into the upper-30s, but this should be just warm enough to keep widespread frost formation from being a legitimate threat. 

Looking Back to Last Fall (2020): 

  • Overall, the first freeze/hard freeze of Fall 2020 was fairly typical and "on schedule", although if anything it did lean slightly later than 30-year averages. Generally speaking, most areas recorded their first freeze and/or hard freeze sometime during the Oct. 16-26 time frame, although a few far northern/western local spots (such as Greeley/Ord/Cambridge) observed "barely-freezing" temperatures as early as Sep. 29-Oct. 2. 
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