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** PLEASE NOTE:  NWS Hastings will issue Freeze Warnings/Frost Advisories for our coverage area this fall until those counties experience at least one hard freeze (considered 28º-or-colder). After that point, additional Warnings/Advisories are generally considered unnecessary because the growing season has effectively ended. **

According to longer-term averages, the NWS Hastings coverage area of south central Nebraska and north central Kansas is APPROACHING THE TIME  OF YEAR THAT TYPICALLY FEATURES THE FIRST FALL FROST AND/OR FREEZE. 

Of course, as outlined extensively in the data presented below, the first fall frost/freeze dates can vary tremendously from one year to the next, and just within the past 30 years, "first freezes" have ranged anywhere from mid-September to early-November. Last year in 2020, most of our coverage area had its first true fall freeze and/or hard freeze sometime between Oct. 16-26. 

Please refer to the wealth of information within the tabs below (including tables and maps of average frost/freeze/hard freeze dates) to "stay on top" of the frost/freeze situation across the local area this fall. This includes the "Looking Ahead" section just below, as it will highlight any nights within the next 7-10 days that appear to hold frost/freeze potential (if any). Finally, check out the last tab for a glance back at the RECORD-EARLIEST frost/freeze that parts of our area experienced on Sep. 3, 1974!

Looking Ahead: ** Fall 2021 Potential-For-Frost/Freeze Forecast ** (valid through ?):

  • This section will start being updated in fall 2021 (typically late September or early October). 

Looking Back to Last Fall (2020): 

  • Overall, the first freeze/hard freeze of Fall 2020 was fairly typical and "on schedule", although if anything it did lean slightly later than 30-year averages. Generally speaking, most areas recorded their first freeze and/or hard freeze sometime during the Oct. 16-26 time frame, although a few far northern/western local spots (such as Greeley/Ord/Cambridge) observed "barely-freezing" temperatures as early as Sep. 29-Oct. 2. 
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