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In what had been a quieter-than-average severe thunderstorm season within the 30-county NWS Hastings coverage area, the event on the evening of Tuesday, June 13th was likely the most significant/widespread of the year-to-date. Primarily between 6 PM-11 PM, a rash of severe storms consisting of both semi-discrete supercells and also linear clusters yielded dozens of large hail and damaging wind reports, primarily within a 30-50 mile wide corridor centered roughly along a line from Phillips/Smith counties in the southwest, then northeast through the Red Cloud, Hastings/Grand Island, Clay Center, Aurora and Osceola areas. 

Some hail was quite large, highlighted by stones up to baseball size reported just west-southwest of Hastings (including in the Juniata and Holstein areas) and up to tennis ball size within Grand Island. Although stones this large were the exception overall, many affected areas saw at least quarter to ping pong ball size hail. As for damaging straight-line winds, the overall-worst impacts focused within counties east of the Highway 281 corridor. In west-central Polk County, a home weather station clocked an unofficial gust of 92 MPH, with gusts of at least 70 MPH also reported in the Clay Center and Bradshaw areas. Needless to say, there was quite a bit of mainly minor damage to trees and outbuildings across the area, including in the communities of Osceola, Shelby and Hordville, among others. Fortunately, there have no official confirmations of tornadoes (as of this writing), although storm chasers reported gustnado activity along the leading edge of storm outflow. 

Rainfall-wise, most areas affected by these storms reported totals between 0.50-2.00" from the evening of the 13th into the early morning of the 14th. However, there were some locally-higher exceptions, including in the Loup City area, and also near the intersection of Webster, Franklin, and Smith counties, where unofficial reports of up to around 4" occurred. Fortunately, any flooding concerns were relatively minor and brief. 

In the mid-upper levels of the atmosphere, this event was driven by a shortwave trough swinging east through the Central Plains, to the southeast of its "parent" closed low pressure system centered over Montana. At the surface, storms developed in explosive fashion as a dryline pushing in from the west encountered a very warm/unstable airmass characterized by afternoon high temperatures well into the 90s and dewpoints in the 60s. 
Please note: Information in this story is considered preliminary and subject to change until publication in NOAA Storm Data. Click here to search official reports in the NCEI Storm Events Database (new storm reports do not appear here for at least 2-3 months from when they occur) 

NWS Hastings radar loop from 5:30 p.m. CDT on June 13th through 7:00 a.m. CDT on  June 14th. The NWS Hastings coverage area is outlined in orange and labled "GID". 

Storm Reports:

Below is a short list of the most significant storm reports received by NWS Hastings:

  • Hail at least tennis ball size (2.5"): Grand Island - south and west of Hastings (near Adams Central HS) - 2 miles SSE of Juniata
  • Golf ball size (1.75"): Agra, KS
  • Ping Pong ball size (1.5"): Red Cloud - Lawrence - 8 miles NNE of Kensington, KS
  • Measured 92 MPH wind gust by a mesonet site 7 miles east of Clarks
  • Measured 72 MPH wind gust by a mesonet site 3 miles west of Bradshaw

Click the image below for more detailed information regarding severe weather reports from the area.


Hail Photos:

Photo Photo Photo Photo
Grand Island
Photo by Daniel Hromas.
Grand Island
Photo by Annette Lavender.
2 SW Hastings
Photo by Nicki Butler
Photo by Amber Hoffman.
Photo Photo Photo Photo
North of Grand Island
Photo by Jeanne Mettinbrink.
North Grand Island on Chapman Rd
Photo by Terry Klein.
2 SSE Juniata
Photo by Susie Stahl.
Agra, KS
Photo by Ashlyn Atchison.
Photo Photo Photo Photo
Photo by Misty Tilley.
4 SW Adams Central HS
Photo by Amanda Lear Duden
Photo by Sara Schnase Stroman.
Hastings - Idlewild neighborhood
Photo by Kendra Weichman.
Photo Photo Photo Photo
Southern Grand Island
Photo by Rod Fay.
Southwest Grand Island
Photo by Mark Vanosdall.
Photo by Brandon Modlin.
Red Cloud
Photo by Katie Ord.

Wind & Other Photos:

Radar Image Radar Image
Tree damage in Genoa.
Photo by Kiara Ziemba.
Looking from Bertrand
Photo by Shawn Erickson.
Radar Image Radar Image Radar Image Radar Image
Tree damage in Osceola.
Photo by Steve Kumpf.
Shed damage in Shelby.
Photo by Grant Gabel.
Photo by Jesse Risley.
Near Shelby
Photo by Melanie McKinney.
Radar Image Radar Image Radar Image Radar Image
Central Nebraska
Photos by Taylor Montgomery.
Grand Island
Photo by Terri Marousek.
Near Glenvil.
Photo by Amanda Albers.
Radar Image Radar Image Radar Image Radar Image
Near Kearney.
Photos by Grady Dixon.
Photo by Jason Cooley.
Rainbow near Pauline.
Photo by Jesse Wirtes.
Radar Image Radar Image Radar Image Radar Image
Photo by Quincy Vagell.
Near York.
Photo by CAJE Photography.
Near York.
Photo by Jeff Frame.
SW of Hastings.
Photo by Brandon Sullivan.

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