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The following information mainly focuses on climate and weather highlights for the month of Nov. 2016 (and also some info for "meteorological fall" Sep-Nov) across the NWS Hastings coverage area, encompassing 24 counties in south central/central Nebraska, and 6 counties in north central Kansas. Click here for a map of this coverage area. The temperature and precipitation data presented here are largely based on the NWS Cooperative Observer network, along with data from a handful of automated airport sites. All climate averages and "normals" presented here are based on the official NCEI 1981-2010 normals.

"Two-sentence summary" for Nov. 2016: November featured well-above average warmth across our entire 30-county area (easily one of the Top-10 warmest on record at generally 6-7º above normal). Precipitation-wise, most areas were generally "near-normal", with slightly above normal prevailing in the Nebraska Tri Cities area.

Please refer to the images below for:
1) a "quick glance" at Nov. 2016 precipitation and specific totals for several official NWS stations across the area.
2) Nov. 2016 monthly temperature departure-from-normal maps for both Nebraska and Kansas
3) specific Nov. 2016 and Fall 2016 (Sep-Nov) temperature/precipitation details for Grand Island and Hastings airports, our two primary long-term climate data sites for which we routinely issue information/records


This graphic features an area precip map for Nov. 2016, along with a partial listing of official totals from official NWS stations. This map was generated from the AHPS precipitation analysis page at
                                        (click image to enlarge)


These images depict Nov. 2016 monthly temperature departure-from normal for both Nebraska (left) and Kansas (right). Images courtesy of High Plains Regional Climate Center (HPRCC)
                                                        (click images to enlarge)



This graphic presents detailed Nov. 2016 temperature/precipitation information specifically for Grand Island and Hastings airports, our two primary long-term climate sites for which we issue climate records and statistics.
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