National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce


Pictures from around western Colorado and eastern Utah


NWS Grand Junction Staff
The "Front Office" Team
Ben Moyer Meteorologist-in-Charge
Mike Meyers Science and Operations Officer
Jeff Colton Warning Coordination Meteorologist
James Clark Information Technology Officer
Chris Kornkven Electronics Systems Analyst
Aldis Strautins  Service Hydrologist
John Kyle Data Acquisition Program Manager
Barbara Van Tassel Administrative Assistant


The "Operations" Team
Norvan Larson Senior Meteorologist
Tom Renwick Senior Meteorologist
Kris Sanders Senior Meteorologist
Dennis Phillips Senior Meteorologist
Michael Charnick Senior Meteorologist / Incident Meteorologist - Trainee
Megan Stackhouse Meteorologist
Matthew Aleksa Meteorologist
Scott Stearns Meteorologist
Erin Walter Meteorologist
Brianna Bealo Meteorologist
Mark Miller Meteorologist
Vacant Meteorologist
Vacant Meteorologist
Dan Cuevas Hydrometeorological Technician


The "Electronics" Team
Bill Beagley Electronics Technician
Mike Martinez Electronics Technician
 Joshua Russell Electronics Technician