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Update on the Extended Outage and Status of the WSR-88D Radar and its Ongoing Maintenance

Landon Aydlett

Warning Coordination Meteorologist


11 May 2021


  • The Guam Radar initially went offline on February 7th due to issues within the Pedestal.
  • A radar team from the NWS Radar Operations Center (ROC) in Norman, OK traveled to Guam in March to inspect the radar, perform needed repairs, and return the radar to service.
  • Initial repairs were completed on March 15th and the radar was conditionally returned to service. During inspection, the ROC team discovered a major component (Azimuth Bullgear) within the Pedestal was damaged and needs replacement in order for the radar operate efficiently and safely.
  • As a result of the damaged Azimuth Bullgear the NWS and AAFB Weather Flight will operate the radar only as needed for heavy weather events.
  • A list of criteria has been established for when to bring the radar online for use. This was coordinated between NWS and AAFB weather.
  • The NWS ROC is working with the DOD to purchase the needed parts, components, and schedule delivery.  NWS ROC personnel will travel to Guam to perform the needed repairs once equipment is on-site.
  • Estimated time of completion: TBD, but anticipated early to mid-summer, 2021.


The WSR-88D Doppler Radar on Guam is operated by the NWS Guam Weather Forecast Office and maintained by the U.S. Air Force with support from the NWS ROC.  Post current repairs, the Guam WSR-88D is scheduled to have a Pedestal Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) in March of 2022 and a Generator SLEP in May of 2022.  These upgrades will further help support the radar operating efficiently for years to come.   

For more information on these repairs and ongoing work, contact Marcus Aydlett, WFO Guam Warning Coordination Meteorologist at