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Grass fire started during the evening of March 22nd northwest of Alva Oklahoma. Strong south winds helped the fire spread north overnight and by the morning of March 23rd, it had spread into Barber county Kansas. Very strong southwest and west winds combined with very dry conditions to allow the fire to grow in size and intensity, eventually burning around 400,000 acres! Two homes near Medicine Lodge and numerous outbuilding across Barber County were destroyed.

Another large grass fire started in eastern Reno county on March 23rd and quickly spread east into Harvey county. This fire consumed around 3,500 acres and forced evacuations across northwest portions of the county. One home was destroyed along with a few outbuildings. In addition, several livestock were killed.


Smoke in Sun city, courtesy of KSN
Image Image
West of Medicine Lodge. Courtesy of KWCH Smoke from a fire on the east side of Hutchinson



Photo Photo Photo Photo
Smoke approaching the Clearwater area. Taken by Mick McGuire Smoke approaching west Wichita. Taken by Robb Lawson Wichita NWS Skycam showing smoke over west Wichita Smoke approaching west Wichita. Taken by Kevin Darmofal


Photo Photo
March 23rd sunset from the NWS Wichita skycam Early evening sun through thick smoke. Taken by Robb Lawson Highest reported wind gusts on March 23rd Map showing the large area burned by the grass fire.

Radar & Satellite:


satellite image satellite Image Satellite Image Satellite image
Radar animation from the evening of March 22nd showing the fire starting northwest of Alva, OK Radar & satellite combo showing the smoke plume from large fires over Barber county Kansas Satellite animation showing how quickly the fire spread from Woods county Oklahoma into Barber county Kansas. High res visible satellite image showing smoke plus over south central Kansas


Radar Image Radar Image
Radar data showing fires in Barber and Harvey counties Satellite data showing large grass fires in Barber and Harvey counties

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