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Storm System Expected To Develop Across Southern U.S.; Fire Weather Concerns In Southern California

A system is expected to develop across the southern tier of the U.S. and produce a few hazards. Isolated strong to severe thunderstorms and locally heavy rain is possible from southeast Texas to southwest Louisiana, while heavy accumulating snow is expected across parts of Kansas and Oklahoma. Meanwhile, elevated to critical fire weather concerns are forecast through Friday in southern California. Read More >


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Wichita (ICT)
Hutchinson (HUT)
Tactical Decision Aid
Tactical Decision Aid

FTUS43 KICT 012328
KICT 012328Z 0200/0224 VRB03KT P6SM SCT200
FM021500 01009KT P6SM VCSH BKN080
FM021800 01012KT 6SM RASN BR BKN035
FM022000 01013KT 4SM RASN BR BKN015
FM022300 01013KT 1 1/2SM RASN BR BKN008=
FTUS43 KICT 012328
KHUT 012328Z 0200/0224 04004KT P6SM SCT250
FM021500 36011G19KT P6SM VCSH BKN080
FM021800 01012KT 6SM RASN BR BKN060
FM022000 02013G21KT 6SM RASN BR BKN045
FM022300 01013G21KT 2SM -SN BR BKN015=
Salina (SLN) Russell (RSL)
Tactical Decision Aid
Tactical Decision Aid

FTUS43 KICT 012328
KSLN 012328Z 0200/0224 04004KT P6SM SCT200
FM020400 33006KT P6SM BKN250
FM021500 36010G19KT P6SM VCSH BKN110
FM022000 01014G22KT P6SM BKN090
FM022300 01016KT P6SM BKN040=

FTUS43 KICT 012328
KRSL 012328Z 0200/0224 36008KT P6SM BKN250
FM021500 36016G24KT P6SM VCSH BKN070
FM021800 36017KT P6SM BKN080
FM021900 36017G25KT P6SM BKN070=
Chanute (CNU) Great Bend (GBD)
Tactical Decision Aid
Tactical Decision Aid

FTUS43 KICT 012328
KCNU 012328Z 0200/0224 14005KT P6SM FEW250
FM021200 11005KT P6SM BKN150
FM021500 09006KT P6SM VCSH BKN070
FM022000 09009KT 6SM SHRA BR BKN030=

FTUS43 KICT 012328
KGBD 012328Z 0200/0224 01007KT P6SM BKN250
FM021400 36016G24KT P6SM BKN050
FM022100 01018KT 5SM -RASN BR BKN035
FM022300 36018KT 4SM -SN BR BKN040=
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IMPORTANT: This page is a tool to help pilots better visualize weather and weather-related hazards, and is not a substitute for a weather briefing obtained from a Flight Service Station (1-800-WXBRIEF). The information contained here does not meet the FAA requirements for a pre-flight weather brief. Therefore, it is important that pilots call and obtain a briefing from an FAA Flight Service Specialist.