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A strong weather system raced across the region early Sunday morning and blanketed southern Kansas with one to four inches of wet snow. A few locations witnessed even higher totals of five and six inches. Even though the period of snow fall was brief last night, it came down at a high rate due to embedded thunder snow at times.



Photos & Video:


Photo Photo Photo Photo
NWS Wichita skycam pic showing how quickly the snow melted Snowfall amounts from March 27th 2016 Snowfall reports Picture taken by meteorologist Mick McGuire while out measuring snow at the NWS office early Sunday morning


Morning vs afternoon picture showing how fast the snow melted. Pic taken by Kevin Darmofal Morning vs afternoon picture showing how quickly the snow melted. Pic by TJ Rigg (@TJ_Rigg) Video from the NWS Wichita during some of the heaviest snow
Photo Photo
Morning snow over Kingman county. Pic by JD Stewart Snowfall measurement in Kingman county taken by JD Stewart

Radar & Satellite:

Radar Image Radar Image Radar Image
Satellite animation showing the swath of snow and how quickly it started to melt Radar animation as the heavy snow was affecting south central Kansas Side by side satellite images showing how quickly the snow melted across south central Kansas

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