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Central/Northern Plains Southern Plains


Wichita (ICT) Base Reflectivity 0.5° Wichita (ICT) Base Velocity 0.5°


Vance AFB, OK (VNX) Base Refl 0.5° Vance AFB, OK (VNX) Base Vel 0.5°


Dodge City (DDC) Base Refl 0.5° Dodge City (DDC) Base Velocity 0.5°


Hastings, NE (UEX) Base Refl 0.5° Hastings, NE (UEX) Base Velocity 0.5°


Topeka (TWX) Base Reflectivity 0.5° Topeka (TWX) Base Velocity 0.5°


Tulsa, OK (INX) Base Reflectivity 0.5° Tulsa, OK (INX) Base Velocity 0.5°


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IMPORTANT: This page is a tool to help pilots better visualize weather and weather-related hazards, and is not a substitute for a weather briefing obtained from a Flight Service Station (1-800-WXBRIEF). The information contained here does not meet the FAA requirements for a pre-flight weather brief. Therefore, it is important that pilots call and obtain a briefing from an FAA Flight Service Specialist.