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Late June early July 2007 historic flooding across southeast Kansas


An upper level disturbance sat over areas along and east of the Kansas Turnpike beginning Thursday and continuing through Sunday. This disturbance was a very efficient rain maker and produced rainfall amounts as high as 2 to 3 inches per hour at times especially Friday night and Saturday in Southeast Kansas.


Radar estimated rainfall map


June 28th rainfall

June 29th rainfall

June 30th rainfall

Event rainfall totals


 Record flooding along many southeast Kansas rivers

The new record crest on the Fall River at Fredonia literally blew the old record out of the water. On June 30th at 11 AM, the river crested at 41.12ft with a corresponding flow near 91,465 cfs.  This flow is almost double the flow of 49,000 cfs that corresponded to the previous crest of 36.17 ft on 4/16/1945. Here are a few pictures taken by the USGS at the height of the flood and a few the day after the crest.


This is at the river gaging site, 1 mile south of Fredonia on Highway 96 Bridge looking northward.
Again looking northward from 1 mile south of Fredonia at the Fall River. Stage was about 40.6 ft at the time of this picture.
This is the day after the crest, looking at the erosion that took place at the southern end of the river bridge at the gage site.
The day after the crest, looking upstream from the Highway 96 river bridge. The river was at 33.7 ft at this time.
Another photo taken by USGS at Fredonia the following morning. 

At Independece on the Verdigris river, the new record crest of 52.40 ft occurred on July 1st at 8 AM.  This is nearly 22 ft above flood stage! As the flood stage here is 30 ft. The previous record of 47.60 ft was on 5/19/1943. With this much volume of water, the river remained above flood stage for 9 days. The next set of pictures were taken by the USGS. These pictures were taken just east of Independence at the Highway 160 Bridge over the Verdigris River.
This is looking northeast at the old Hwy 160 bridge and the new Hwy 160 bridge across the river. The river was at 52.31 ft at    this time.
This is looking east across the Hwy 160 bridge. The river was at 52.31 ft.
This is looking northward at the old Hwy 160 bridge. Estimating 3.5 ft of water over bridge road. This was taken in the morning    with the stage at 52.31 ft.
|Looking east toward Independence across Hwy 160 on the morning of river crest.
Looking east across Hwy 160 bridge. USGS conducting a flow measurement
Looking northeast at the flooded road entrance leading into the old Hwy 160 bridge. River stage at 52.29 ft.
This is west of the river Hwy 160 bridge looking toward Independence.
This is looking downstream on the Verdigris river from Hwy 160 Bridge.
Photo was taken by J.D. Stewart on Highway 400 near the intersection of Highway 75. This is the Verdigris river in  Montgomery County.
Another photo taken by J.D Stewart on Highway 400 near the intersection of Highway 75.        


Downstream from Independence, Coffeyville also broke their previous crest record of 26.75 ft set on 5/7/1961. The new record crest of 30.7 ft occurred on the evening of July 1st at 6 PM. As like Independence, the river remained above flood stage for 9 days.  The following images are from a flooded refinery near Coffeyville where thousands of gallons of oil were spilled in to Verdigris River



On the Neosho River at Erie, the highest crest that could be obtained from our river observer was 40.60 ft on July 2nd at 7 AM.  For a time, the gage could not safely be reached as the roads were inundated to reach the staff gages. The old record of 36.96 ft was on 11/05/1998. The next 4 photos were taken by our NWS river observer at the river gaging site 2 miles southwest of Erie on Hwy 59.
Looking upstream at staff gage when the river was at 38 ft on the afternoon of July 2nd.
Looking upstream on the Neosho River.
Looking downstream on the Neosho River.
Farm south of Erie.


 The remaining photos were taken from a local photographer, Greg Hunn in Erie.
This is at 1 block east of Main Street on 3rd. This photo was  taken by Greg Hunn of Erie on June 30th.
Neosho River spilling over Hwy 59, 2 miles south of Erie.
Neosho River spilling over Hwy 59.
Taken from 110th Rd and Hwy 59.
Close up of flooded home.
After the flood, 2 staffs remain (one tilted) and 1 lower staff  lost. See broken levee.
After the flood, broken levee.



Record crest at Coffeyville

Record crest at Erie

Record crest at Fredonia

Record crest at Independence


Rivers that reached record or major flooding

Flash Flood emergency issued for Fredonia