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A Second Winter Storm Impacts Kansas
In Less than One Week
February 25th-26th, 2013





The second major winter storm in 5 days affected Kansas. Heavy snowfall rates and stronger north winds with this system resulted in periods of blizzard conditions across portions of south central and southwest Kansas. Snowfall exceeded one foot across Kingman and Harper counties with thundersnow being reported for the second time in less than a week. Wichita, Kansas recorded 6.8 inches of snowfall which was preceeded by 14.2 inches the previous week. This total of 21 inches set the all-time snowfall record for any month! 




Radar animation from late morning through late evening, Feb. 25th, 2013

Infrared satellite showing the cooler cloud tops and lightning data (thundersnow) across south central Kansas (Harper Co) on the evening of Feb. 25th, 2013.

Pictures of the snow from February 25-26th, 2013


Snow drift just north of Clearwater. Courtesy of Mick McGuire

Fun in the Wichita snow. Courtesy of Janet Spurgeon.

A snowy west Wichita. Courtesy of Kevin Darmofal

Courtesy of Janet Spurgeon

A picture of snow rollers.  Courtesy of Andrew Watson in Clearwater, KS

Snow Rollers. Courtesy of Andrew Watson in Clearwater, KS


West Wichita. Courtesy of Janet Spurgeon


Snow pelted on fence and raingauge.Courtesy of Janet Spurgeon


Trees covered in snow. Courtesy Janet Spurgeon

Total Snow depth 11 inches in West Wichita
on Feb 26th. Photo courtesy of Janet Spurgeon


Heavy Snow in Central Kansas. Photo courtesy Ken Cook


Heavy Snow in Central Kansas. Photo courtesy Ken Cook

Meteorologist Scott Smith out measuring snow on February 25th