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December 10th-11th 2007 ice storm


This horrific event was caused by devastating, widespread moderate to heavy freezing rain that resulted in equally widespread 1-2 inch ice accumulations. Damage to trees, power lines and power poles was obviously staggering and made any attempt at travel treacherous, if not impossible. Power outages were, of course, widespread, affecting around 260,000 people. Many areas were without power for 1-2 weeks!

Damage to the electrical infrastructure alone was estimated at $136.2 million, making this the costliest ice storm in Kansas history. Of this total, $37.5 million damage was assessed in Reno County. Such damage involved around 2,000 power poles and 7,900 spans of conductor.  Around 5,400 lines and transformers required refusing. The statewide damage estimate is definitely conservative as most counties did not report their respective monetary losses. Damage estimates to buildings, trees and other foliage was unknown. Amazingly, no fatalities were reported!



Map of ice accumulation across the area

Ice accumulated on branch in Kingman County. 

Ice accumulated on branch at Cassoday, KS.