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Hazardous Weather Outlook
National Weather Service Wichita KS
1129 PM CDT Fri Aug 17 2018

1129 PM CDT Fri Aug 17 2018

This hazardous weather outlook is for portions of Central Kansas,
South Central Kansas and Southeast Kansas.

.DAY ONE...Tonight

Flooding will remain possible across mainly southern parts of
Labette county tonight. See latest flood warning for additional

Patchy shallow fog is possible in Southeastern Kansas late tonight.
Localized visibilities of 1/2 mile or less are possible at times.

.DAYS TWO THROUGH SEVEN...Saturday through Thursday

Patchy shallow fog is possible in Southeastern Kansas early Saturday
morning. Localized visibilities of 1/2 mile or less are possible at

Thunderstorms return late Saturday night and will continue through
Sunday night. While a few thunderstorms may produce penny-sized
hail and winds around 50 mph, the greatest threat will be very
heavy rains that are likely to cause flooding.

A few thunderstorms may continue across primarily Southeast Kansas
on Monday but should be neither strong nor severe.

A few thunderstorms are possible Tuesday night and Wednesday night.
Severe storms are not expected with this activity.


Spotter activation is not anticipated tonight.


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Hazard Scale [Definitions]
5 - Very Significant VERY SIGNIFICANT RISK OR IMPACT. Could potentially injure and/or kill the most people and/or result in catastrophic property and economic damage.
4 - Signficant SIGNIFICANT RISK OR IMPACT. Could result in significant economic and/or property damage, and/or a significant risk to life.
3 - Medium MEDIUM economic impact. These events are a risk to life, and/or property with medium economic impact.
2 - Small Mainly nuisance type events. Risk to life and/or property is small if precautions are taken.
1 - Minimal Minimal Risk to life and/or property.
0 - Nil No Significant or Hazardous Weather Expected.


Please send any comments on this product to Chance Hayes, Warning Coordination Meteorologist, WFO Wichita, Kansas.

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