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Educational videos created by the NWS Wichita


The Shelf CloudDescription of video: A bit more of an in depth look at the shelf cloud and and the characteristics it displays to help spotters and general weather enthusiasts recognize when it approaches. Upper Level Storm Features Description of video: Here is a short video to aid folks in recognizing upper level storm features and what they can tell you about a particular storm.
Frontal SystemsDescription of video: An in depth look at the different weather fronts that affects the atmosphere in and around you.  Wall Cloud vs. Shelf CloudDescription of video: One of the more difficult tasks for untrained weather spotters is recognizing the difference between the wall cloud and shelf cloud. These are two completely different types of clouds which produce different weather hazards. It is critical to accurately identify these cloud types when reporting.
Thunderstorm updraft and wall cloudsDescription of video: Brief tutorial on the formation and purpose of the thunderstorm updrafts and wall clouds.  Plinian EruptionsDescription of video: A brief video on volcanoes and plinian eruptions and how they can affect the climate and atmosphere.
Rogue wavesDescription of video: Short video developed to help understand rogue waves a little better and a discussion on some of the more impressive rogue waves.  The MesocycloneDescription of video: Short educational video on what a mesocyclone is and how to identify it in a thunderstorm.
Causes of drought across the PlainsDescription of video: 2011 and 2012 were very dry years across the Plains. This video talks about some of the causes of this drought.  TeleconnectionsDescription of video: This video talks about what teleconnections are and how they relate to El Nino and La Nina.
Causes of drought across the PlainsDescription of video: How the Arctic Oscillation impacts weather around the globe including the weather here in Kansas.