National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
April 7th, 2006
Severe Weather

Thunderstorms developed rapidly during the afternoon in warm unstable air on the south side of a cold front. Enhanced by a strong jet stream, many of the thunderstorms produced severe hail. Hail as large as tennis balls was observed, with numerous reports of penny sized or larger hail. In additon, the thunderstorms produced scattered wind damage. Intense rainfall also accompanied the thunderstorms. Since the thunderstorms were often training over the same locations, up to 3 inches of rain fell, which produced minor flooding in several locations.


830 PM EDT FRI APR 07 2006

..TIME...   ...EVENT...      ...CITY LOCATION...     ...LAT.LON...
..DATE...   ....MAG....      ..COUNTY LOCATION..ST.. ...SOURCE....

0506 PM     HAIL             LIBERTY                 39.63N 84.93W 
04/07/2006  E0.50 INCH       UNION              IN   CO-OP OBSERVER  

0503 PM     HAIL             SHARONVILLE             39.28N 84.41W 
04/07/2006  E0.75 INCH       HAMILTON           OH   TRAINED SPOTTER 


0506 PM     HAIL             SHARONVILLE             39.28N 84.41W 
04/07/2006  E0.75 INCH       HAMILTON           OH   TRAINED SPOTTER 

0500 PM     HAIL             WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE  39.54N 83.43W 
04/07/2006  E1.00 INCH       FAYETTE            OH   TRAINED SPOTTER 

0515 PM     TSTM WND DMG     DELAWARE                40.30N 83.08W 
04/07/2006                   DELAWARE           OH   PUBLIC          


0330 PM     HAIL             5 NE LAWRENCEBURG       39.15N 84.80W 
04/07/2006  E0.75 INCH       HAMILTON           OH   LAW ENFORCEMENT 

0329 PM     HAIL             VERSAILLES              39.06N 85.26W 
04/07/2006  E1.75 INCH       RIPLEY             IN   LAW ENFORCEMENT 

0442 PM     HAIL             2 S BURLINGTON          39.00N 84.72W 
04/07/2006  E1.00 INCH       BOONE              KY   TRAINED SPOTTER 

0449 PM     HAIL             EATON                   39.75N 84.63W 
04/07/2006  E1.00 INCH       PREBLE             OH   TRAINED SPOTTER 

0510 PM     HAIL             LIBERTY                 39.63N 84.93W 
04/07/2006  E1.00 INCH       UNION              IN   PUBLIC          

0521 PM     HAIL             6 SSE CONNERSVILLE      39.58N 85.10W 
04/07/2006  E0.75 INCH       FAYETTE            IN   PUBLIC          

0603 PM     HAIL             BEAVERCREEK             39.73N 84.06W 
04/07/2006  E0.50 INCH       GREENE             OH   PUBLIC          

0443 PM     HAIL             FLORENCE                38.99N 84.64W 
04/07/2006  E1.00 INCH       BOONE              KY   TRAINED SPOTTER 

0439 PM     HAIL             5 N BURLINGTON          39.10N 84.72W 
04/07/2006  E0.88 INCH       BOONE              KY   TRAINED SPOTTER 

0445 PM     HAIL             7 S MILFORD             39.07N 84.28W 
04/07/2006  E0.88 INCH       CLERMONT           OH   TRAINED SPOTTER 

0446 PM     HAIL             FORT MITCHELL           39.05N 84.56W 
04/07/2006  E1.00 INCH       KENTON             KY   TRAINED SPOTTER 

0458 PM     HAIL             2 N SHARONVILLE         39.31N 84.41W 
04/07/2006  E0.25 INCH       BUTLER             OH   PUBLIC          

0440 PM     HAIL             BURLINGTON              39.02N 84.72W 
04/07/2006  E1.50 INCH       BOONE              KY   AMATEUR RADIO   

0450 PM     HAIL             3 NE SUMMERSIDE         39.15N 84.25W 
04/07/2006  E1.00 INCH       CLERMONT           OH   TRAINED SPOTTER 

0450 PM     HAIL             4 W PLAIN CITY          40.11N 83.35W 
04/07/2006  E0.50 INCH       MADISON            OH   TRAINED SPOTTER 

0558 PM     HAIL             1 SW BEAVERCREEK        39.72N 84.08W 
04/07/2006  E0.75 INCH       GREENE             OH   PUBLIC          

0406 PM     HAIL             2 S MIDDLETOWN          39.48N 84.37W 
04/07/2006  E0.88 INCH       BUTLER             OH   TRAINED SPOTTER 

0415 PM     HAIL             10 NE VEVAY             38.85N 84.94W 
04/07/2006  E0.75 INCH       SWITZERLAND        IN   TRAINED SPOTTER 

0416 PM     NON-TSTM WND GST BOTKINS                 40.47N 84.18W 
04/07/2006  M66 MPH          SHELBY             OH   MESONET         


0610 PM     HAIL             XENIA                   39.69N 83.94W 
04/07/2006  E0.25 INCH       GREENE             OH   AMATEUR RADIO   


0547 PM     HAIL             2 SE NEWARK             40.05N 82.40W 
04/07/2006  E2.50 INCH       LICKING            OH   AMATEUR RADIO   

0527 PM     HAIL             PICKERINGTON            39.89N 82.77W 
04/07/2006  E1.50 INCH       FAIRFIELD          OH   AMATEUR RADIO   

Hail and Damaging Wind Reports:
Map depicts large hail and damaging wind reports in Wilmington's warning area.


Radar and Satellite images:
A rash of severe thunderstorms rake the region. The thunderstorms were aligned with the wind flow, southwest to northeast.
A severe thunderstorm that produced large hail and minor wind damage in Butler and Hamilton Counties is depicted on National Weather Service Doppler Radar.
Visible satellite shows elongated thunderstorm cloud tops. Lightning strikes from the preceeding hour are shown in red.