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The following links will take you to papers authored by present or past staff of the Lincoln NWS office.  Some are in PDF format, and you will need to have a PDF reader to view them.  Others are in HTML, and can be opened with any web browser.

Severe Weather and Radar Studies

Case Study Title Author(s)

A Potentially Valuable WSR-88D Severe Storm Pre-Cursor Signature in Highly Dynamic, Low CAPE, High Shear Environments
(PDF format, 1.0 MB)

Powerpoint Presentation (PDF Format)

Llyle Barker

April 16, 2006 Tornado Event in Effingham, Jasper, and Crawford Counties
(PDF format, 6.0 MB)

Chris Lippold

The May 28, 2009 Derecho
(PDF, 7.6 MB)

Dana Brown

Preliminary Review of WSR-88D Radar Signatures seen in the F0 & F1 Central IL Tornadoes during the Record Setting 2003 Tornado Season
(PDF format, 1.3 MB)
James Auten and Ernest Goetsch
The July 13, 2004 Tornado Event:  Analysis of Tornadogenesis in a Highly Unstable Environment
(PDF format, 0.7 MB)
Ed Shimon, Pat Bak and Kirk Huettl
The July 13, 2004 Tornado Event:  The Contributions of Evolving Paradigms & Human Factors in the Warning Process
(PDF format, 0.7 MB)
Llyle Barker
The July 13, 2004 Tornado Event:  The Warning Response Process at the Parsons Company
(PDF format, 1.2 MB)
Chris Miller
The Severe Thunderstorm Electrification and Precipitation Study
(PDF format, 0.9 MB)
Llyle Barker

Characteristics & Storm Evolution Associated with the 30 May 2003 Tornadic Event over Central Illinois
(PDF format, 2.3 MB)

Part II of 30 May 2003 Case Study
(PDF format, 3.0 MB)

Ed Holicky, Aviation Weather Center
Ron Przybylinski, NWS St Louis MO
The New WSR-88D High Resolution Products and Their Use in Diagnosing Severe Convection on May 10, 2003
(PDF format, 2.3 MB)
Llyle Barker and Chris Miller
Forecast Issues

Highly Localized Snow Band Event of Feb. 11, 2006:  Review of the Forecast Process for a Missed Event
(PDF format, 4.0 MB)

Edward Shimon

January 26-28, 2009 Heavy Snowfall across Southeast Illinois

Matt Barnes

Investigating the Importance of Land Cover on Evapotranspiration
(PDF format, 0.6 MB)

Charles Schaffer

Historical Weather Events
The Mattoon/Charleston Tornado of May 26, 1917

Chris Geelhart

July 1936 Heat Wave

Chris Geelhart

The "Super Outbreak" of Tornadoes of April 3-4, 1974 -- Impacts on Illinois Chris Geelhart
The December 1989 Cold Wave Chris Geelhart
The Great Sleet of February 1883 Chris Geelhart
March 16, 1942 -- Central Illinois' Last F5 Tornado Chris Geelhart
April 19, 1996 -- Illinois' Largest 1-Day Tornado Outbreak Chris Geelhart