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Event Summary

Gusty southerly winds blew for several days ahead of the cold front that pushed across the Arklamiss region during the afternoon and evening of April 18, 2013. The persistent feed of moist air from the Gulf produced a warm and humid air mass that resulted in afternoon temperatures well above normal, topping out in the 80s across the forecast area Thursday afternoon. Warmer air aloft produced an atmospheric cap that prohibited thunderstorm development well ahead of the front. As a result, a squall line of severe convection developed in the vicinity of the cold front and moved across the Delta region. Much of the damage associated with the squall line was produced by two intense severe storms. The first storm moved across Ashley and Chicot Counties in southeast Arkansas during mid afternoon before tracking across Washington County in northwest Mississippi. The first storm produced an EF-1 tornado near Crossett, AR. The second storm moved across northeast Louisiana into the Mississippi Delta region, producing an EF-1 tornado near Sondheimer, Louisiana and another tornado in Nitta Yuma, Mississippi. In addition to tornadoes, severe storms along the squall line downed trees and power lines and produced golf ball sized hail.

The squall line began to weaken as it continued across the Mississippi Delta, pulling away from the associated low pressure system and moving into a region where the air mass was more stable. Storms that remained in the remnants of the line progressed to the east, briefly strengthening as they crossed northeast Mississippi. Sporadic down burst winds continued, bringing down trees and power lines near Yazoo City and at Sturgis in Oktibbeha County.


Tornado Track Map
Track Map

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Location Start/
End Time
Event Type/
Max Winds
Path Length Path Width
Ashley County
6 S Crossett to 4 SE Crossett
3:08 pm -
3:14 pm
EF-1 Tornado
90 mph
none 4.0 miles 150 yards
Chicot County
4 SE Eudora
4:38 pm -
4:39 pm
EF-0 Tornado
75 mph
none 0.4 miles 50 yards
Issaquena County
3 NNW Mayersville to 4 NNE Mayersville
5:03 pm -
5:05 pm
EF-1 Tornado
90 mph
none 2 miles 50 yards
Washington County
3 SW Tribbett
5:09 pm -
5:10 pm
EF-0 Tornado
none 0.4 miles 50 yards
East Carroll Parish
2 NW Sondheimer to 2 NNE Sondheimer
5:19 pm -
5:23 pm
EF-1 Tornado
95 mph
none 2.5 miles 75 yards
Sharkey County
1 WNW Nitta Yuma to 1 NE Nitta Yuma
5:21 pm -
5:23 pm
EF-0 Tornado
75 mph
none 1.5 miles 50 yards
Madison Parish
5 N Tallulah
5:23 pm -
5:24 pm
EF-0 Tornado
75 mph
none 0.4 miles 50 yards
Sharkey County
3 ESE Delta City
5:29 pm -
5:30 pm
EF-0 Tornado
75 mph
none 0.2 miles 25 yards



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