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What's the Weather in Your Backyard?

When you hear the rainfall amount from the official gage, have you ever said,"That's not what I got!"

As of October 2007, Florida Keys residents (both year round and seasonal) can aid in the study of rain variability across the Keys by joining the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network - CoCoRaHS.  CoCoRaHS, which had its origins in Colorado in 1998, has spread across the nation and now covers all 50 states. The data collected by our volunteers aids meteorologists, researchers, and the media to see and study precipitation patterns across the nation, within regions, as well as locally.  Furthermore, participants can map the daily collected observational data to their own computer. Volunteers will be able to see their own "backyard" measurements in relation to other observers.

Local Volunteers continue to be needed to help grow this network across the Florida Keys. The main duty of the observer is to collect and report daily precipitation measurements. Businesses can also participate, and are welcome.

Check out this video which briefly describes the program.

In addition, please visit the CoCoRaHS web site at: to learn more about the program, and if you have additional questions, contact our office either by phone (305) 295-1316,  or by sending an email to David Ross at the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Key West.  Krizia is the CoCoRaHS coordinator for Monroe County. If you decide to volunteer, you can sign up via the CoCoRaHS website. We are excited about the program, and hope you will give serious consideration to this worthy endeavor.