National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

Scheduling for Organized School Tours Available

How to schedule a tour:

Please contact our office at:

Phone: 305-295-1316 Ext. 0


Please provide a list of names, ages, and home addresses for all attendees. We require at least one weeks notice for all scheduled tours.



Where we are located:

1315 White Street, Key West. This location is directly across White Street from the former Glynn Archer Elementary School. Tours should plan to enter from the White Street side. If you have students or adults with disabilities who may require use of a ramp, please let us know. We'll be happy to provide access through the United Street parking gate. Have the driver press the doorbell button when pulling up to the gate. Please understand most of our parking lot is permeable to lessen rainwater drainage and will not support the parking of buses. Please use White Street or United Street for parking.


Tour Information:

Scheduled tours will range from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the weather and forecasting needs of the National Weather Service staff.
  • We kindly request limiting group sizes to around 15 or less.  If more than 15 people are arriving for a tour, please plan to divide them into 2 groups before entering the weather station.
  • We are a 24/7 operational facility and therefore request strongly that students remain attentive and use "indoor voices." Please have students ask questions one at a time.
  • There are some sensitive objects in our facility. This includes a glass display case, encased posters on easels, computer equipment, and even a 6-piece art sculpture. Rambunctious behavior could jeopardize the safety of others. Please notify chaperones of these hazards, so that the safety and education for all can be maximized.
  • A National Weather Forecast Office depends on uncompromised communication and being able to respond to alerts and phone calls as quickly as possible. To help us meet our mission, please set cell phones and pagers on vibrate or silence them completely before entering the weather station.
  • There is only one set of restrooms in the facility designed for our staff of 21 adults. Please ensure students have made a comfort stop before arriving on station. We advise only 2 students at a time if "nature calls."
  • While staff will do their best not to provide attractive nuisances, the shiftwork nature of the forecasting profession may require staff have their lunch while on shift and in operations. Please ensure your school rules regarding food and gum apply in our weather station.


What you will see:

Tour groups will be shown the following areas: