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Tropical Cyclones
and the Florida Keys

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 The Florida Keys have a long history of tropical cyclone impacts.

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Tropical Cyclone History Image       Florida Keys Top 15 Hurricanes Image

Florida Keys Tropical Cyclone History

(includes storm history that dates back to the 1600s, Strongest Tropical Cyclones by wind speed, Most Intense Tropical Cyclones by minimum central sea level pressure, Florida Keys Tropical Cyclone Climatology, and a Tropical Cyclones by Date Calendar)


15 Worst Hurricanes in Florida Keys History

(featuring: 1622 Hurricane, Great Havana Hurricane of 1846, 1906 Hurricane, 1909 Hurricane, Cuba 1910 Hurricane, Bahamas 1929 Hurricane, Labor Day Hurricane of 1935, September 1948 Hurricane, October 1948 Hurricane, Hurricane Donna 1960, Hurricane Betsy 1965, Hurricane Georges 1998, Hurricane Wilma 2005, and Hurricane Irma 2017)


Hurricane Irma Image     Florida Keys Storm Graphics Archive Page Thumbnail Image

Hurricane Irma in the Florida Keys

(before, during, and after Category 4 Hurricane Irma made landfall in the Florida Keys -- includes satellite and radar imagery, National Hurricane Center graphics and products, observed and estimated peak wind speeds, rainfall totals, high water marks, storm surge observations, storm damage photos, and a NOAA Hurricane Irma Post-Event Imagery Swipe Map showing before/after images)


Florida Keys Storm Graphics Archive

This is a collection of past Florida Keys storm graphics (history, impacts, and/or observations) created by NWS Key West staff