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On Friday August 16th, Humana hosted a weather safety presentation conducted by the National Weather Service in Louisville. Meteorologist Brian Schoettmer gave an hour long session that highlighted weather safety, an overview of the National Weather Service, and helpful weather tools available to the public. The presentation was viewed by 1,800 Humana employees across the country.

Meteorologists from NWS Louisville also toured Humana's Fusion Center, where hazards that could impact their employee's across the country are tracked. For instance, a hurricane or a snow storm could impact employee safety and travel.

At the end of the presentation, Humana was announced as NWS Louisville's 2019 Weather Ready Nation Ambassador of Excellence. NWS Louisville looks forward to a continued strong relationship with Humana in the future!


Meteorologist Brian Schoettmer presents to Humana Employees on Friday August 16th