National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce


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1972  1972.  Plenty of maps and bulletins printed out and hung on the back walls.
1973  December 1973.  A meteorologist is sitting in front of a large console with numerous meteorological instrument dials, gauges, and charts.
1978  April 7, 1978.  A view of the old "74C" weather radar.
1978 radio  April 7, 1978.  A meteorologist records weather information on NOAA Weather Radio.  This system used tapes similar to 8-tracks, which were inserted in the slots for play.  When a new message was to be recorded on a tape, the tape first needed to be erased with a large magnet.
1981 January 1981.  A meteorologist takes and records a  weather observation.
1981  July 28, 1981.  The old NOAA Weather Radio system was kept in service for many years, before becoming computerized in the late 1990's.
1982  Summer of 1982.  A meteorologist sits in front of the huge, cumbersome computer system used in the 1980s.
1980s weather radio  Another view of the old NOAA Weather Radio system, probably from the mid 1980's.  Note the racks of tapes in the foreground.