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Larue County is covered by 3 Weather Radio Stations:

Elizabethtown (For North and far East Larue County)

  • Frequency: 162.550 MHz
  • Channel: 7
  • FIPS: 021123

Campbellsville (For far South and East Larue County)

  • Frequency: 162.525 MHz
  • Channel: 6
  • FIPS: 021217

Horse Cave (For South Larue County)

  • Frequency: 162.500 MHz
  • Channel: 5
  • FIPS: 021123

Warnings and forecasts for Larue County are issued by our office and broadcast on each of these transmitters.

The strength and quality of the broadcast from each transmitter will depend on your distance from the transmitter, terrain, and other local effects. Tune your radio to the broadcast that comes in most clearly and reliably at your location and provides the most representative weather information.

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