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As outlined in the National Weather Service (NWS) Strategic Plan, the NWS is investing in its infrastructure and part of this strategy includes the modernization and replacement of the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS) web dissemination platform with the National Water Prediction Service (NWPS). We recognize that AHPS provides you and others with critical hydrologic information, especially during extreme hydrologic events, and as such we are sharing information here about the transition not only to help you prepare but also to ensure there are no gaps in service.


Below is key information for you:

  • What is NWPS: The NWPS web dissemination platform will be the replacement for AHPS. NWPS will leverage the NWS’ Dissemination Cloud infrastructure, a modernized Web technology framework incorporating geospatial technology and web services to disseminate critical hydrologic information to you year-round. In addition to the enhanced Graphical User Interface (GUI), NWPS will include an Application Programming Interface (API) that will allow you to integrate operational forecast information within your own applications.  Information on the NWPS access, use, and evaluation will be provided at
  • Public Testing:
    • It is anticipated that a Public Notification Statement (PNS) (see will be released, as early as November 2023, announcing the beginning of a 30-day public testing period using a “preview” site.
    • To support this activity, webinars will be scheduled to demonstrate capabilities and share information with you. For those who cannot attend the scheduled webinars, recordings will be posted online at (webinar logistics will be announced separately). Supporting informational materials will also be shared and distributed.
    • The goal of this testing phase is to collect feedback from you so that the feedback can be used to ensure NWPS delivers capabilities that meet your needs. Instructions for accessing the preview site and providing feedback will be provided in the PNS when issued.
  • Operational Implementation: NWPS is expected to launch as early as March 2024. Ahead of implementation, a Service Change Notice (SCN) will be issued specifying a target implementation date. The SCN will also contain references to informational materials that can be used to prepare for the transition; see for this notice. 

Thank you for your close partnership with the NWS. We encourage you to provide feedback during the public testing period. When the PNS is issued and public testing begins, it will provide a contact email that can be used for questions. We look forward to continuing to work with you as the NWS transforms into a more nimble, flexible, and mobile agency providing essential mission services to you and others.