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Operation Weather Survival (OWS) is a network of public and private organizations that collaborate, coordinate resources, and help educate the public to prevent illness and death caused by extreme hot or cold weather.  The organization also serves as a “think tank” to help participating agencies solve problems and initiate new ideas.  OWS itself does not provide services.  Services and programs are provided and administered by member organizations.

Note: All documents linked on this page are in pdf format. 

Important Note: Many of the people who need the information or services explained on this page, or other Internet pages, do not have access to the Internet. So it is up to you to help people you know who are in need and get the information to them.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
Are you worried about paying your heating bills? The Missouri Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) has two components. Energy Assistance/Regular Heating (EA) and Energy Crisis Assistance Program (ECIP). EA is designed to help pay heating bills for those Missourians in need of assistance during the months of October, November, December, January, February and March. Applications for this year's program will be accepted in Community Action Agency (CAA) offices throughout Missouri. For informaton, visit the Department of Social Services web site  You can also visit you local CAA. For a list of CAA's in Missouri,click HERE. For Illinois, click HERE.