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Wind Chill Briefing Page

The following information is made available so you can plan for future weather systems that may cause dangerous wind chill temperatures.  School administrators and principles can use this information in relation to possible school closings and outdoor activities.  Public service agencies can use this information in planning for care for the homeless during severe cold outbreaks.

Please remember that weather conditions can change rapidly so you are encouraged to check back often for the latest forecasts.  For general forecast information, visit the National Weather Service (NWS) St. Louis, MO homepage.

NWS St. Louis, MO


The Science of Wind Chill


NWS St. Louis wind chill advisry/warning criteria.

Wind Chill Advisory: Wind Chill values from -15 F to -24 F.

Wind Chill Warning: Wind Chill values from -25 F or more.


Temperature and Wind Chill Forecast for the next 7 days.

The link above will take you to the National Digital Forecast Database data from the National Weather Service, St. Louis. For Wind Chill, look for the Apparent Temperature field. In summer, this will be the Heat Index.

The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) is releasing longer range, 6 - 10 day and 8 to 14 day, experimental wind chill probability charts. The map links below will take you directly to the various wind chill probability charts. Also available are minimum temperature probability charts. Go directly to the CPC page to view that information

CPC Experimental Wind Chill Outlook Page



Climate Prediction Center 6 - 10 Day Wind Chill Probability
Wind Chill < 20 F
Wind Chill < 10 F
Wind Chill < 0 F
Wind Chill < -20 F




Climate Prediction Center 8- 14 Day Wind Chill Probability
Wind Chill < 20 F Wind Chill < 10 F Wind Chill < 0 F Wind Chill < -20 F

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