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Cooler than Normal Spring and Summer of 2007
(Updated 8 August 2007)


  It has been cooler and wetter than normal across much of Texas this summer. While the rainfall has tapered off across the South Plains during July, temperatures have remained seasonably cool. High temperatures at the Lubbock Airport were on average 5.4 degrees lower than normal in May, 3.3 lower in June, and 2.6 lower in July. The yearly high temperature so far was 98 degrees on June 18th. The forecast weather pattern for middle August indicates a warming trend, with high temperatures now above average, which is lower 90s. However, with the passing of our climatological peak in high temperature for the year, our chances for reaching or exceeded 100 degrees this year is on the downswing. The last time Lubbock failed to record a 100 degree temperature in a year was 1991, or over 15 years ago. Only four years in the record have we failed to reach the century mark. The following graph shows the historical record at Lubbock of temperatures reaching or exceeding 100 degrees. Please click on the graphic for a larger version  
Graph of 100 degree days at Lubbock
Source: National Climatic Data Center. To view all the data in a chart form, please visit our web page HERE.


Looking at a graph of the monthly averages of 100 degree temperatures below, you can see that on average, only about 2 days of 100 degrees or more occur after July each year.

  Data is for the Lubbock Airport. Source: National Climatic Data Center.  
Many other observations stations across the region have recorded similar cooler and wetter than normal conditions. Looking at just July 2007, the following two graphs show the high, low and average temperatures for each day compared to the 30 year normals for the Lubbock and Childress airports (please click on each image to view the full-sized versions). Out of 31 days, only 3 days at Lubbock and only 2 at Childress were above normal in the daily average temperature.
July temperatures at Lubbock
July temperatures at Childress
Consecutive Days with the Maximum
Temperature >= 100 F
Number of Days
End Date