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Tidal Inundation Mapping

All heights on this map are in NAVD88 elevation. To correlate this value to local datums of tide gauges, such as Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW) or Washington Mean Low Water (WMLW) in your area, click on the tab above corresponding to the elevation you select.

Disclaimer:  These maps are only valid when there is no freshwater flooding occurring.  In the event of freshwater flooding on the Potomac River, users should consult the freshwater inundation maps located at these links:
Georgetown/Rosslyn areas:
Downtown DC/Potomac Park/Reagan Airport/Anacostia:
Alexandria/Belle View/National Harbor/JBAB (south half):

NAVD88 Elevation 2.0 ft
Georgetown (GTND2) 4.26 ft (WMLW)
SW Waterfront (WASD2) 3.4 ft (MLLW)
Alexandria (AXTV2) 2.0 ft
Anacostia (ANAD2) 2.0 ft
NAVD88 Elevation 2.5 ft
Georgetown (GTND2) 4.76 ft (WMLW)
SW Waterfront (WASD2) 3.9 ft (MLLW)
Alexandria (AXTV2) 2.5 ft
Anacostia (ANAD2) 2.5 ft
NAVD88 Elevation 3.0 ft
Georgetown (GTND2) 5.26 ft (WMLW)
SW Waterfront (WASD2) 4.4 ft (MLLW)
Alexandria (AXTV2) 3.0 ft
Anacostia (ANAD2) 3.0 ft
NAVD88 Elevation 3.5 ft
Georgetown (GTND2) 5.76 ft (WMLW)
SW Waterfront (WASD2) 4.9 ft (MLLW)
Alexandria (AXTV2) 3.5 ft
Anacostia (ANAD2) 3.5 ft
NAVD88 Elevation 4.0 ft
Georgetown (GTND2) 6.26 ft (WMLW)
SW Waterfront (WASD2) 5.4 ft (MLLW)
Alexandria (AXTV2) 4.0 ft
Anacostia (ANAD2) 4.0 ft
NAVD88 Elevation 4.5 ft
Georgetown (GTND2) 6.76 ft (WMLW)
SW Waterfront (WASD2) 5.9 ft (MLLW)
Alexandria (AXTV2) 4.5 ft
Anacostia (ANAD2) 4.5 ft
NAVD88 Elevation 5.0 ft
Georgetown (GTND2) 7.26 ft (WMLW)
SW Waterfront (WASD2) 6.4 ft (MLLW)
Alexandria (AXTV2) 5.0 ft
Anacostia (ANAD2) 5.0 ft
NAVD88 Elevation 5.5 ft
Georgetown (GTND2) 7.76 ft (WMLW)
SW Waterfront (WASD2) 6.9 ft (MLLW)
Alexandria (AXTV2) 5.5 ft
Anacostia (ANAD2) 5.5 ft
NAVD88 Elevation 6.0 ft
Georgetown (GTND2) 8.26 ft (WMLW)
SW Waterfront (WASD2) 7.4 ft (MLLW)
Alexandria (AXTV2) 6.0 ft
Anacostia (ANAD2) 6.0 ft
NAVD88 Elevation 6.5 ft
Georgetown (GTND2) 8.76 ft (WMLW)
SW Waterfront (WASD2) 7.9 ft (MLLW)
Alexandria (AXTV2) 6.5 ft
Anacostia (ANAD2) 6.5 ft
NAVD88 Elevation 7.0 ft
Georgetown (GTND2) 9.26 ft (WMLW)
SW Waterfront (WASD2) 8.4 ft (MLLW)
Alexandria (AXTV2) 7.0 ft
Anacostia (ANAD2) 7.0 ft
NAVD88 Elevation 8.0 ft
Georgetown (GTND2) 10.26 ft (WMLW)
SW Waterfront (WASD2) 9.4 ft (MLLW)
Alexandria (AXTV2) 8.0 ft
Anacostia (ANAD2) 8.0 ft
NAVD88 Elevation 9.0 ft
Georgetown (GTND2) 11.26 ft (WMLW)
SW Waterfront (WASD2) 10.4 ft (MLLW)
Alexandria (AXTV2) 9.0 ft
Anacostia (ANAD2) 9.0 ft
NAVD88 Elevation 10.0 ft
Georgetown (GTND2) 12.26 ft (WMLW)
SW Waterfront (WASD2) 11.4 ft (MLLW)
Alexandria (AXTV2) 10.0 ft
Anacostia (ANAD2) 10.0 ft
NAVD88 Elevation 11.0 ft
Georgetown (GTND2) 13.26 ft (WMLW)
SW Waterfront (WASD2) 12.4 ft (MLLW)
Alexandria (AXTV2) 11.0 ft
Anacostia (ANAD2) 11.0 ft
NAVD88 Elevation 12.0 ft
Georgetown (GTND2) 14.26 ft (WMLW)
SW Waterfront (WASD2) 13.4 ft (MLLW)
Alexandria (AXTV2) 12.0 ft
Anacostia (ANAD2) 12.0 ft
NAVD88 Elevation 13.0 ft
Georgetown (GTND2) 15.26 ft (WMLW)
SW Waterfront (WASD2) 14.4 ft (MLLW)
Alexandria (AXTV2) 13.0 ft
Anacostia (ANAD2) 13.0 ft
NAVD88 Elevation 14.0 ft
Georgetown (GTND2) 16.26 ft (WMLW)
SW Waterfront (WASD2) 15.4 ft (MLLW)
Alexandria (AXTV2) 14.0 ft
Anacostia (ANAD2) 14.0 ft
NAVD88 Elevation 15.0 ft
Georgetown (GTND2) 17.26 ft (WMLW)
SW Waterfront (WASD2) 16.4 ft (MLLW)
Alexandria (AXTV2) 15.0 ft
Anacostia (ANAD2) 15.0 ft
NAVD88 Elevation 16.0 ft
Georgetown (GTND2) 18.26 ft (WMLW)
SW Waterfront (WASD2) 17.4 ft (MLLW)
Alexandria (AXTV2) 16.0 ft
Anacostia (ANAD2) 16.0 ft
NAVD88 Elevation 17.0 ft
Georgetown (GTND2) 19.26 ft (WMLW)
SW Waterfront (WASD2) 18.4 ft (MLLW)
Alexandria (AXTV2) 17.0 ft
Anacostia (ANAD2) 17.0 ft

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