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Hurricane Warnings Issued for South Carolina

After crossing the Florida Peninsula, the center of Ian has emerged into the western Atlantic Ocean. The storm is expected to re-strengthen into a hurricane before making another landfall along the coast of South Carolina. Hurricane warnings have been issued for the entire coast of South Carolina. Life threatening storm surge, damaging hurricane force winds, and flooding are possible. Read More >

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Mon/Thu Morning EM Weather Briefing

Weekly Weather Highlights
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Severe Weather Briefing Page

Baltimore-Washington KLWX Radar
NWS Sterling Radar Reflectivity
NWS Sterling Radar Velocity
Storm Prediction Center (SPC) Severe Weather Outlook Graphics
Thumbnails may not be representative of the latest forecast since each picture is derived from
the 12 UTC issuance and each 'day' has its own update times throughout the day,
so click on the picture to view the latest graphic.
Day 1 Outlook

Day 1 Severe Weather Outlook
Day 2 Outlook

Day 2 Severe Weather Outlook
Day 3 Outlook

Day 3 Severe Weather Outlook
Day 1 Outlook

Day 1 Severe Weather Outlook
Day 2 Outlook

Day 2 Severe Weather Outlook
Day 3 Outlook

Day 3 Severe Weather Outlook

Flooding-Coastal Flood Briefing Page

Radar Images
Sterling radar
Reflectivity (Current)
Sterling radar precipitation
One-Hour Precipitation
Sterling radar storm total rainfall
"Storm-Total" Precipitation
3-Day Precipitation Forecast
(Expected precipitation)
Forecast Amount
Forecast Amount
Flash Flood Guidance
(How much rain should start flooding?)
one hour flash flood guidance
in ONE hour
three hour flash flood guidance
in THREE hours
six hour flash flood guidance
in SIX hours
Excessive Rainfall Outlook
(Regionally, where is the threat of streams reaching/exceeding bankful?)
Day 1 ERO
Day 1 Outlook
Day 2 ERO
Day 2 Outlook
Day 3 ERO
Day 3 Outlook
Day one ERO
Day 1 Outlook
Day 2 ERO
Day 2 Outlook
Day 3 ERO
Day 3 Outlook
River Flooding
Current water levels
Water Levels
River Ensembles
River Level (Modeled Range of Possibilities)
Tidal-Coastal Flooding
Current water levels
Tidal Obs & Forecasts
Click on stations in tidal areas
Current tide levels
NOAA - Tides & Currents
Times of High/Low Tide

Click for Latest
  • if one is currently in effect

Tidal Levels
Current tide levels for Upper Bay and DC
Upper Bay and DC
Current tide levels for Middle and Lower Bay
Middle/Lower Bay
MDL Tidal Model
MDL Tidal Model

Hurricane-Tropical Briefing Page

Active Storms
National Hurricane Center

Graphical Tropical Outlook

Hurricane Local Statement
Issued by NWS Baltimore-Washington (if available)
Training - Community Hurricane Preparedness
NWS Hurricane Resources

Excessive Heat-Cold Briefing Page

Local Forecast Graphics

All links are the same, just click on any of the images to go directly to the page.
The weather elements along the left-hand column.
Just mouse over the image to get that forecast graphic.
Max Temperature forecast
Max Temp (today)
Min Temperature forecast
Min Temp (tonight)
Wind forecast
Wind Speed & Direction
Heat Index forecast
Apparent Temp - Heat Index (today)
Wind Chill forecast
Apparent Temp - Wind Chill(tonight)
Wind Gust forecast
Wind Gusts

Area Growing Season Maps

Start of Growing Season
Start of the Growing Season
End of Growing Season
End of the Growing Season

Drought Conditions Briefing Page

Drought Monitor
Drought Monitor
Drought Monitor
Virginia Drought Info.
Maryland Drought Monitor
Maryland Drought Info.
West Virginia Drought Monitor
West Virginia Drought Info.

Monthly & Seasonal Drought Outlook
From the Climate Prediction Center
Seasonal Drought image
30 day Precipitation Outlook
90-day Precipitation Outlook
90 day Precipitation Outlook
30-day Precipitation Outlook

NWS Baltimore-Washington Radar
Northeast Radar
National Radar
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Watch/Warning/Advisory Color Definitions


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FOR A DETAILED 7-DAY POINT FORECAST: Click on a specific location on the map above.
7-day point forecast


FOR A GRAPH OF WEATHER CONDITIONS FOR A POINT LOCATION: Click on "Hourly Weather Graph" under the "Additional Forecasts & Information" section at the bottom right of the screen, AFTER you have already clicked on a specific point on the map above.

weather forecast table


Graphical Forecast Images