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Drought Information & Spring Flood Potential


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Latest Text Drought Statement:  Last update March 29, 2018.  No further issuances planned unless conditions worsen.
Latest Flood Potential Outlook:  Last update March 29, 2018.  Next issuance in January 2019 unless a significant spring flood becomes likely.
The latest estimates of rainfall and comparisons to normal can be found on our Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service website.

Latest Graphical Information:
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Current drought status for our area: (Graphics update every Thursday)

weekly LWX Drought Monitor

Graphics by State:

Maryland Drought StatusVirginia Drought

West Virginia DroughtDC Drought

Modeled Soil Moisture Percentiles, courtesy University of Washington: (click to enlarge)

Soil Moisture Percentiles

Streamflow Percentiles:  (graphics update daily, and show only sites that are below normal)

Virginia StreamflowMaryland Streamflow Percentiles

Legend for USGS


Rainfall (or melted snowfall), in inches, for the next seven days: (graphic updates twice daily)
WPC 7 day rainfall

Seasonal Drought Outlook:
Seasonal Drought Outlook