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Covering: All of Maryland from the Chesapeake Bay westward to Frostburg, the entire Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, and Northern and Central Virginia from Nelson County and Charlottesville, Staunton and Fredericksburg on north.

Who comprises the committe: Representatives from ARES, REACT, and RACES in Maryland, Virginia, DC and West Virginia. As well SKYWARN® Net Control Operators, SKYWARN® Amateur Radio Coordinators, the NWS Warning Coordination Meteorologist, and the NWS SKYWARN® Program Managers.

Who can attend a meeting?: All meetings are open to SKYWARN® Members and Amateur Radio Groups looking to support SKYWARN®.

Purpose of the Committee: The committee has oversight of the SKYWARN® Program and can set policy concerning how the SKYWARN® Amateur Radio Network operates. The committee ensures that the SKYWARN® Amateur Radio Network adheres to any pertinent FCC regulations and communicates efficiently with RACES, ARES, and REACT who are working with the Red Cross and County and State Emergency Services in a disaster situation or severe weather situation.

Committee Vision: To have the best SKYWARN® Operation in the Country

When and Where are the Meetings: Meetings are held on Saturdays from 10 am to Noon about 4 times a year at the Baltimore Washington NWS Forecast Office in Sterling Virginia. The date of the next scheduled meeting is listed at the bottom of the meeting notes from the previous meeting. Directions to the NWS office can be found at the bottom of the Training Schedule.

To ask a question or attend a meeting: E-mail or the SKYWARN® Amateur Radio Coordinator at