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12 Confirmed Tornados over Eastern
North Carolina on April 16th, 2011


Multiple long track tornados developed over eastern North Carolina during the late afternoon and evening of Saturday April 16th. Twelve tornados have been confirmed over the area, several of which caused major damage. Hundreds of homes were damaged or completely destroyed across the region. Many business and several schools received structural damage with some buildings totally destroyed. Thousands of residents were either temporarily or permanently displaced from their homes. Scores of injuries also occurred with several injuries being categorized as critical.

Tornado Damage and Tracks 

EF Scale Wind Speeds
EF-0 65 to 85 mph
EF-1 86 to 110 mph
EF-2 111 to 135 mph
EF-3 136 to 165 mph
EF-4 166 to 200 mph
EF-5 > 200 mph

The below map is a representation of the tornado tracks from the April 16th event. More information will be added to this map as it becomes finalized.

Clicking on the different tornado tracks will bring up the Public Notification Statement (PNS) for each tornado. Clicking on the blue markers will display various damage pictures from the storms.

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Below is the list of the 12 tornados that have been confirmed in the Newport/Morehead City County Warning Area during the April 16th event. These tornados were associated with 3 large supercell thunderstorms that moved rapidly Northeast across the area.

Location Intensity Max Winds Path Length Path Width
Snow Hill EF-3 150-160 mph 18 miles 400 yds
Jacksonville EF-3 145 mph 3.7 miles 450 yds
Hargetts Crossroads EF-2 125 mph 2 miles 200 yds
Riverdale EF-2 125 mph 0.6 miles 200 yds
Farmville EF-1 90 mph 2.6 miles 75 yds
Alligator EF-1 105 mph 7.2 miles 550 yds
Duck EF-1 90 mph 0.7 miles 250 yds
Faison EF-0 70 mph 0.2 miles 75 yds
Robersonville EF-0 80 mph 0.2 miles 75 yds
Kenansville EF-0 75 mph 0.1 miles 150 yds
Vanceboro EF-0 70 mph 0.1 miles 30 yds
Bath EF-0 70 mph 0.4 miles 30 yds










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