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What's New?

1) Starting August 16, 2021 river forecasts will be created for Black Earth Creek at Black Earth. These forecasts will help with planning and situational awareness of river levels and assist recreational interests in the area. These forecasts will be created when the river is forecast to reach or exceed 5 feet. This is called action stage. River flood watches and/or warnings will be issued when water levels are expected to approach or exceed the flood stage of 5.5 feet.


2) Starting August 16, 2021 flood levels will be lowered to better match impacts in the area. 

Minor Flood stage will change from 7 feet to 5.5 feet

Moderate flood stage will change from 9 feet to 7 feet

Major flood stage will change from 10 feet to 8 feet

Action stage will change from 6 feet to 5 feet.


How You Find It

Go to our main webpage and select the Rivers and Lakes tab:

Then select the river gauge you are interested in:


How Do You Interpret River Forecasts?

Note, below is not a current forecast - example only!


The Public information statement has more details.

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