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A strong thunderstorm developed in northwest Waukesha County Friday evening around 5:30 pm and kept back-building over the Oconomowoc area. The storm dropped accumulating hail, with some hail stones as large as golf balls! Hail fell for 20 to 30 minutes. The area received 2.5 inches of rain within a two-hour period of time. Localized street flooding was observed, mainly due to hail clogging storm drains.

The hail damage area is generally between Concord Road on the west, Highway 67 on the east, just north of Lac La Belle for the northern edge, and I-94 for the southern boundary. There were numerous reports of hail damage across the city, with a high concentration along Silver Lake Street. The leaves were stripped from mature trees over a widespread area and the damage was substantial in a few spots. There were sporadic reports of back windows blown out of cars. There was damage to roofs, siding, and screens on houses, with the north and east sides of the structures hardest hit. Many gardens were destroyed.

As of 11 am the following morning, people were still shoveling piles of hail from their doorsteps and a golf course was still covered in hail.


Radar Reflectivity Animation 5:30 pm to 7 pm CDT. The image is centered over Jefferson and Waukesha Counties in south central Wisconsin. The east-west red line across the center of the image is I-94 for reference. Oconomowoc is in northwest Waukesha County.
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