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The new NWS Hydrologic website, the National Water Prediction Service (NWPS), was released March 27, 2024.

Note, click the Rivers and Lakes tab on to get to the new site, titled National Water Prediction Service (NWPS).


Some features of the new website:

  • Mobile-compatible
  • Dynamically-plotting hydrographs
  • Improved web map functionality and improved base maps and hydro-specific spatial layers
  • Application Programming Interface (API) - partners can leverage directly into their own applications

    A summary of these features, along with video demonstrations is on this Story Map.




New URLs:

The links to river gauge pages will go from: to  


The direct links to static hydrographs will go from: to 


You can provide feedback on the upgraded site here.  

Questions? Can't find what your looking for? Contact Sarah Marquardt, Senior Service Hydrologist at


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