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Loop of the current surface analysis with radar imagery
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Weekly Drought Assessment
Weekly Drought Assessment
Seasonal Drought outlook
Seasonal Drought Outlook



 Overview of general weather pattern through next week

National Weather Service Fire Weather Graphical Forecasts

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Todays forecast graphic
Today's Forecast
24 hour forecast graphic
24 Hour Fcst
36 Hour Forecast graphic
36 Hour Fcst
48 Hour Forecast
48 Hour Fcst
3-7 day outlook graphic
3-7 Day Fcst
Day 1 QPF Graphic
24 Hour QPF
Day 2 QPF Graphic
Day 2 QPF
Day 3 QPF Graphic
Day 3 QPF


Weather Prediction Center: Precipitation Forecast Page

7-Day Loop Of Surface Pressure/Fronts

NCEP Model Analysis

SPC Short Range Ensemble Forecast


Day 1 Severe
Day 1 Severe Outlook
Day 2 Severe Outlook
Day 2 Severe Outlook
Day 3 Severe Outlook
Day 3 Severe Outlook
Day 4-8 Severe Oulook
Day 4-8 Severe Oulook


Day 1 Fire Weather Outlook
WIsconsin NDFD
Day 1 Fire Weather Outlook
Day 1 Fire Outlook
Day 2 Fire Weather Outlook
Day 2 Fire Outlook


SPC Critical Fire Weather Site

National Significant Wildland Fire Potential Outlook

Extended Outlooks 


  Temperature Precipitation
6-10 Day 6 to 10 day temp outlook 6 to 10 day precip outlook
8-14 Day 8-14 day temperature outlook 8 to 14 day precipitation outlook
30 Day 30 day temperature outlook 30 day precipitation outlook
90 Day 90 day temperature outlook 90 day precipitation outlook


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