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The Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport near Janesville (JVL) and the Sheboygan County Memorial Airport (SBM) will are now official TAF sites, as of July 1st at 18Z (1 pm). 


What is a TAF? A Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) is a 24- to 30- hour surface forecast for a five nautical mile radius around an airport. TAFs include the forecast wind speed, wind direction, visibility, ceiling height and weather in a concise format. TAFs are issued by the local National Weather Service office. They are routinely issued four times per day and amended as the weather or forecast dictates. 


There are many airports around the country, but only a handful are designated as TAF sites. You can view the TAFs on various websites, and the Aviation Weather Center is one of them. The image below shows the TAF sites around southern Wisconsin.

TAF Locations


For more information about aviation forecasts for southern Wisconsin, go to our Aviation website:


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