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Updated 9/8/20

2020 Update: A couple of updates to tornado events in early August.  For the August 9th event in northern Wisconsin, the NWS Green Bay office has added an EF-1 tornado that went from Forest and Florence counties before going into the U.P. of Michigan.  Also, the path was adjusted slightly for the Conover tornado.  NWS Green Bay is also looking into one more potential tornado from the day. 

For the August 10th event in Kenosha county, have extended the EF-1 damage from Illinois to just south of Camp Lake.  Received some delayed information from the Promised Land camp which showed numerous trees uprooted and with the trunk snapped from the base.  This bumps the technical rating for the Kenosha/Wisconsin portion of the tornado from an EF-0 to an EF-1.  -TH

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