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Heavy Rains and Catastrophic Flooding Possible in Hawaii

A kona low will continue to bring heavy rain to Hawaii bringing flooding and flash flooding, landslides, road closures, and low visibility with high rainfall rates expected. Lake effect snow is expected downwind from the Great Lakes. Blizzard conditions are expected in the southeast Alaska. Read More >

NWS implementation of SAME Location Code Changes

This page contains information National Weather Service implementation of Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Code:changes. FIPS codes are unique to counties, parishes, boroughs adn independent cities. For more information on FIPS codes, refer to the American National Institute (ANSI) Codes, maintained by the Census Bureau ( 

It is our job to ensure customers understand the changes and have the information needed to implement them. Customer notification messages are transmitted on NWS dissemination circuits:

If the Census Bureau implements changes in FIPS codes and / or the NWS implements a new six digit SAME location code, the NWS will issue Service Change Notices well in advance of the change.

Recent Service Change Notices of Importance:

Clark County: Implementation of Partial County Alerting via NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards (NWR) and the Emergency Alert System (EAS) for Clark County, Nevada: Effective on or about June 1, 2021