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Heavy rainfall led to flooding across most of eastern Washington through the 15th. Forty-eight hour rainfall totals ranged from one to three inches across the east slopes of the northern Cascades, one to one and a half inches across the Spokane Area, to one to two and a quarter inches across the Northeast mountains. Several landslides were reported. Lost River Road flooded approximately three miles east of Mazama as debris clogged the flow of water underneath a bridge. Two feet of water was observed to be flowing over the roadway resulting in its closure. No damage was reported to the road. Strong winds developed 1.5 foot swells along the western shore of Deer Lake. Strong winds were reported in northern Idaho, with winds of up to 40 mph around the area, with scattered reports of 52 mph. Roughly 300 trees were snapped along the eastern shore of Priest Lake. On the 15th, flooding occured along Colockum Road southeast of Malaga, in Chelan county. Kingsbury Bridge was undercut by Colockum Creek resulting in its closer. Further down the creek flooding was reported on Tarpiscan Road, which blocked vehicle access to the Washington State University agricultural research station. Colockum Creek flowed in the basement of a rental home, forcing the renters to evacuate. Water also pooled on Flora Road in Spokane Valley resulting in its closure. Water pooled on eastbound Interstate 90 at mile post 294. Traffic was reduced to one lane starting Sunday night May 15th through Monday morning due to the flooding on the interstate. A man became stranded as the North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene River flooded Sunday morning. The camper and his trailer had to be pulled out 1,000 feet through 3 1/2 feet of water by a tow truck. Eastbound lanes of Highway 4 were flooded between Gem Hill and Frisco Roads at mile post 5. Roadway was reduced to one lane. On the 16th, State Route 206 was undercut by Deadman Creek at mile post 14.5, which forced a temporary closure of the road.