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Excessive Heat in the Interior West; Monsoon Conditions in the Southwest

Dangerous heat is expected to be in place across portions of California, especially the Central Valley, and across the Interior Northwest into Friday. Heat Advisories will also be in place across the southern Plains into the Lower Mississippi River Valley. Monsoonal showers and thunderstorms may result in flash flooding and debris flows from the Four Corners region and Southwest through Friday. Read More >







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September 4th

1992: 35 mph winds knocked down power lines in Spokane and produced a dust storm which reduced visibility. This contributed to numerous accidents.

September 5th

2011: Lightning sparked a wildfire near the Selkirk Crest, about 20 miles northwest of Bonners Ferry. Dry and breezy conditions fanned the flames as the fire grew to 600 acres on September 16th. The wildfire burned in heavy fuels consisting of mixed conifer forest. The steep mountainous terrain made the fire difficult to fight and remained active through the end of the month with a total of 727 acres consumed. Two private structures were threatened, but no damage was reported. The fire was extinguished by the 30th.

September 6th

2013: Landslide - Stehekin

2013Flash Flood & Debris Flows - Wenatchee

2009: Strong winds of 50 knots knocked down pine trees along Highway 57 and Reeder Bay Road near Priest Lake. Strong winds were also reported in Lincoln, Stevens and Pend Oreille counties, which also resulted in snapped and uprooted trees. 0.75 inch hail fell at Reardan, and 0.88 inch hail fell 4 miles west of Blueside, in Pend Oreille county. Roof damage was reported at Chewelah.

September 7th

2013: Funnel Cloud near Chesaw

1995: Several severe thunderstorms moved through northern Idaho. 1 inch hail fell in Bovill, in Latah County. 5 inches of rain was dumped in Priest River in an hour, and 1 inch fell in Post Falls in an hour. High winds in Coeur d'Alene uprooted trees and knocked down power lines. Lightning struck a mobile home in Post Falls, igniting it. Lightning also stuck a tree in Priest river, igniting it.

September 8th

2017: Heavy Smoke in Spokane Ends (More Info Here)

September 9th

1994: A funnel cloud touched down south of Stateline village in Kootenai County. 0.75 inch hail was recorded in the storm.

September 10th

2019: A slow moving upper level pressure system created an outbreak of thunderstorms with abundant lightning from the eastern Cascade slopes up to the Okanogan Valley. The thunderstorms produced heavy rainfall and landslides. A few flash floods and numerous debris flows occurred in the east slopes of the Cascades. In the early morning hours of September 10th, a large debris flow occurred near Manson that buried a road under eight feet of mud, rock, and other debris. Between 4:20 AM and 6:20 AM, a rain gauge near the debris flow recorded 1.17” of rain.  On the 10th, with the isolated thunderstorms bringing heavy rain, a minor flash flood occurred in downtown Pullman due to leaf clogged storm drains. Downtown Pullman received 0.75” of rain in 45 minutes.

1994: 4 inches of hail fell on Highway 395. A funnel cloud was observed near Loon Lake in Spokane County. Lightning downed power lines. Heavy rain caused some urban flooding in north Spokane.

September 11th


September 12th

1992: 56 mph gusts produces a dust storm engulfing most of the state in zero-visibility conditions. 2 separate car accidents, one south of Moses Lake; the other was in Waterville, was responsible for 2 fatalities and 7 other injuries.

September 13th

1991: A thunderstorm toppled trees and power lines in Bonner county. Power lines ignited in Lewiston after a shower shorted them out.

September 14th


September 15th

2013: Thunderstorms during Sunday Night Football

1992: A funnel cloud was reported 5 miles north of Ritzville.

September 16th

2017: Spokane Record Dry Streak Ends

2003: A combination of low sun and 0.25 inch hail caused numerous traffic accidents and pileups along a 4-mile stretch of westbound I-90 in Spokane. 10 people were injured.

September 17th

2002: Funnel Cloud Over Davenport

September 18th


September 19th

2010: Heavy rainfall from a thunderstorm brought urban flooding to Ephrata. Storm drains were overwhelmed by the heavy rain with a road bed washed out. Water from a sewer backed up towards a house. Water in the city streets got as high as 18 to 20 inches deep. The Ephrata Airport reported 0.29 inches of rain in 25 minutes. Other rain gauges just west of Ephrata received around a half inch of rain. Roads were also washed out south of Tonasket in Okanogan county due to the rains. McLaughlin Canyon Road was washed out 10 feet deep and 15 feet across. Hail to the size of dimes was also observed during the thunderstorm. Some trails on a residence property was also washed out.

September 20th


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September 25th

2001: A combination of an extended drought, freshly plowed fields and a dry front containing 35-40 mph winds caused a widespread dust storm that affected most of eastern Washington and northern Idaho. Visibilities dropped to less than 2 miles throughout, and some cities reported visibilities of 1 mile or fewer. The Air Pollution Control Authority in Spokane reported that large particulate matter (PM10) values reached 3,290 micrograms per cubic meter, much higher than normal values of 50 micrograms per cubic meter.

1999: Winds of 20-40 mph sustained and 50-70 mph gusts were reported all along Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. Numerous downed trees and power lines were reported throughout. Power outages were widespread. Some small fires were also reported. Some vehicles were damaged. Some orchards reported minor damage. A wildfire began in the Spokane Indian reservation. It burned 3000 acres before it was extinguished. A dust storm formed near Moses Lake, reducing visibility. This storm caused a 4-car pile up, causing 4 injuries. Another accident was also reported at Ritzville due to the dust.

1998: 0.75 inches of rain fell in Lewiston and over the Clarkston Valley in just under two hours. Local flooding occurred and forced the interstate bridge to close. Several roads were submerged under two feet of water.

September 26th

1992: 50 mph gusts create reduced visibility conditions due to blowing dust near Ephrata and Wenatchee. One person was injured in an accident due to the storm.

September 27th

2011: Heavy rain fell across southern Pend Oreille County. Northwest of Diamond Lake, rain fell at rate of approximately one and one quarter of an inch per hour, resulting in fast flowing water down a sloped front yard of a residence. Loose soil was easily carried by the runoff, which created a flow of mud that covered the driveway of the residence. A section of dirt road was washed out approximately three-quarters of a mile north of Newport on the west side of the Pend Oreille River. Recent road work by the planned utility development installing a fiber-optic cable along this section of the roadway likely made the hillside more susceptible to the washout.

September 28th

2019: Early fall snow, in late September, broke numerous records for earliest snow ever, as well as the coldest daytime high temperatures. Spokane only warmed to 38 degrees on the 29th with a monthly snowfall of 3.3” that fell on September 28th and 29th. Wenatchee (43°) and Lewiston (49°) recorded their coldest September 29th high temperatures.

September 29th


September 30th