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Winter Storm, Flooding and Critical Fire Weather Concerns Today

A winter storm will affect portions of New England through tonight with several inches of snow in the forecast. Meanwhile, the Pacific Northwest will see more heavy rainfall from a series of storms that may bring more flooding and potential landslides. For the western High Plains and southern California, strong winds and dry conditions will keep fire weather threats critical. Read More >

This visible satellite image on the morning of 13 Jul 2001 shows a number of interesting weather features. One of the more notable features is the shadow cast by the high clouds over the Washington coast onto the lower stratus clouds over the ocean. This image was taken at 5:15 am (10 minutes after sunrise in Spokane), when the sun was to the right of the image.

Also apparent in this image is the fog in the Silver Valley of north Idaho, wild fire smoke along the east slopes of the Washington Cascades, and morning thunderstorms.

Visible Satellite Image