National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce


Mike Vescio - Meteorologist in Charge - About
Marc Austin - Warning Coordination Meteorologist - About
Ed Townsend - Science and Operations Officer
Wade Earle - Information Technology Officer - About
Robert Harsh - Administrative Support Assistant
Marilynn Lohmann - Service Hydrologist
Jim Smith - Observation Program Leader
Johnny Blagg - Electronics Systems Analyst

Lead Forecasters

Roger Cloutier
Larry Nierenberg
Vincent Papol
Joe Solomon
Mary Wister - About


Christel Bennese - About
Matthew Callihan - About
Cole Evans - About
Colby Goatley - About
Brandon Lawhorn
George Perry
Camden Plunkett
Thomas Schuldt

Electronics Technicians

Lars Hansen
Clay Widener

Hydrometeorology Technicians

Ann Adams
Robert Brooks